Meet The Poet: Matthew M. C. Smith 


Published in ‘Afterfeather’, Black Bough Poetry.

Matthew M. C. Smith is a poet from Wales. He is ‘Best of the Net’-nominated and won the R.S Thomas prize at Gwyl Cybi in 2018. His work can be read in Poetry Wales, The Lonely Crowd, Barren Magazine, Fevers of the Mind, Atrium Poetry and Arachne Press. He also edits Black Bough Poetry and Top Tweet Tuesday. His second collection will be published with Broken Spine. Matthew loves the Welsh mountains, a Spanish holiday, outdoor activities with his kids, The Doors and vintage Star Wars. You can find out more about Matthew here. On Twitter you can find him @MatthewMCSmith and @blackboughpoems

What does your memory smell like?

Spilt diesel in the baking heat. The green scent of spotting rain after weeks of drought. Cedarwood and sandalwood.

What do you want your future to taste like?

Sea-salt, crushed…

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