Meet The Poet: Marie Marchand


©Sami Jo

Marie Marchand is Poet Laureate of Ellensburg, WA. Her poetry has been published inCatamaran Literary Reader,California Quarterly,Paterson Literary Review,Tiny Seed Journal,High Plains Register, and numerous chapbooks. She has two books of poetry:Pink Sunset Luminaries(2018) andGifts to the Attentive(2022).Her poetry has been recognized by the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Awards, Wyoming Writers Prize, and Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest. Marie is a mental health advocate with the National Alliance on Mental Illness. She is founder of the new collaborative poetry spaceMaitri Poetrywhose mission is to advance loving-kindness and peace in our world through poetry. You can read Marie’s work at and follow her on Twitter @mishiepoet and @maitripoetry.

What does your memory smell like?

Sweet summer apricots, the snap of fresh greenbeans, and blooming alfalfa fields waving in the…

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