Meet The Poet: Lynn Valentine


Lynn Valentine is from Arbroath but now lives on the Black Isle in the Highlands of Scotland via a life in London and Glasgow. She started writing for herself a decade ago after taking redundancy from the BBC due to ill health. From not showing anyone her writing at first, she is now widely published.

Lynn has a Scots Language pamphlet out withHedgehog PoetryPressin July of this year and will have a full poetry collection published byCinnamon Pressin 2022, after winning theCinnamon PressLiterature Award in 2020. Childlessness, mental health, nature and family all play a part in her writing; she sneaks a Labrador in there when she can.

Lynn can be found on Twitter @dizzylynn or intermittently on Instagram as twoblackdugs

What does your memory smell like?

My memories smell of paraffin oil, dog hair, Mum’s cooking and library books. I…

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