Meet The Poet: Lucy Heuschen


Photo credit: Lucy Heuschen

Lucy Heuschen is a British poet living in Germany with her family and rescue dog. She returned to writing poetry after a two-decade legal career and a life-changing cancer diagnosis. Lucy’s poetry has appeared in numerous journals and literary magazines and she has contributed to anthologies from Hedgehog Press, Dreich, Yaffle, Orchard Lea, New Contexts and Black Bough.
Lucy is the founder and editor of The Rainbow Poems (an online community for anyone experiencing life change or uncertainty) and the Sonnets for Shakespeare project. She leads the Poetry Society Stanza for Germany.
Visit or connect with Lucy on Twitter @Rainbow_Poems or Facebook @RainbowPoemsUK.

To buy a print copy, an e-copy or a signed copy of We Wear The Crown in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support:

What does your memory smell like?

My childhood memory: dogs, horses and my grandmother Kathleen.

Grandma had a…

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