Meet The Poet: Amanda McLeod


Author photo credit: Siva Sivaraja

‘Forest School’ originally published in The Sour Collective

Amanda McLeod is a Canberra-based creative and the author of Heartbreak Autopsy (Animal Heart Press, 2021) and Animal Behaviour (Chaffinch Press, 2020). Loves: good coffee and wild places. Loathes: anthropophony. Find her on Twitter and Instagram@AmandaMWrites or at If all else fails, head for the nearest river. She’s probably there. 

1.What does your memory smell like?
My memory smells like wet roads in summer, after a rainstorm. There’s also fresh cut grass, river water, and petrichor. These are the things I carry with me even when I’m not among them. At the moment I’m finding myself drawn back to nature again and again in both my writing and art (I am also an artist). It’s interesting to examine the lexicons for describing the world – humans are so visual, and I find…

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