A “Cursed Houses” pt. 1 Poetry Showcase from David L O’Nan – September 2022

Fevers of the Mind

(c) David L O’Nan

A Botched Sunset

We could have had all the colors to hold in our hands as the day ended. What was to be a clear forecast, The hands of time stop and let me sip it all in. It was just the beginning of a robbery, a botched sunset. She cries with little painful eyes, and I have to hide to adore her from the side. I’m not able to clear the air, nor wipe away a tear. I’m not able to speak up and let her know I was there. I couldn’t disgrace his name, even though he’s to blame, and you were quilting yourself shut, a kite that wouldn’t sail. I walk around with the wrong crowd; I watch as they burn out. I’m thinking that if I stay in the here, I’ll be around for you in the now. But I’m sorry I…

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