Review of ‘Earthworks’ by Stewart Carswell

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

One of the pleasures of regularly writing reviews is the opportunity to read closely the work of some of today’s finest, young writers. Over the last two years I have been stunned by the quality of writing that some of these writers are producing. Stewart Carswell is a young writer to add to that group.

Carswell poem, To the source, provides us with an insight into the concerns of his debut collection, Earthworks (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2021). A river prompts him to reflect on the notion of beginnings. He writes, ‘Everyone is aware of endings/ but a start is hard to find’. Earthworks sees Carswell appealing to familiar landscapes to help him make sense of the world around him: to find reasons for the way life is and to explain the nature and significance of relationships. Life, however, he finds defies easy explanations: it’s a puzzle that at times…

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