Glenn Hubbard


Glenn Hubbard lives in Madrid, where he teaches an English which is often rather ugly. Perhaps for this reason he started writing poetry.

He has had work published in a large number of online and paper journals. One of his poems was submitted for the Forward Prize

in 2019 and this year he won the Bangor Literary Journal’s FORTY WORDS competition with his poemThirlage. He can occasionally

become a little obsessiveabout a poem but this is amply compensated for the marvelous experience of losing all sense of time while

he writes. His poetry owes a great deal to that of the late R.F. Langley.

The Beneficence of the Foxglove

See how contentedly the bee ascends each bell within the woody dell.
See how well it fits.
See the bright trumpets; the rambler’s delight.
See how the sickly babe revives, how the parent cries He lives! No longer…

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