Celebrate #NationalMarineWeek 23rd July 7th to August 2022. Day Three of Fourteen Due To Tides. Join Larissa Reid, and I. Send me your own unpublished/published poetry/artworks/short prose about/mentioning the marine. I am looking to feature your poems/artworks about the shore, shoreline, its inhabitants, the waves, flotsam, jetsam and so on. Please contact me with your work, plus a short third person bio. Let’s celebrate the shore!



A winter peach billowing of sky
That pours banks of snow onto dark earth;
Sparrowhawk hunches in branches,
Threatening with the same weight as the clouds.
Redwing whirr, scatter, wheel,
Tighten the cold with their presence
Bringing souls from the high fields
Down to the slate sea.
Out there, in the swelling Forth,
Humpbacks have secured themselves for this winter’s storm,
Relishing each breach into iron cold.

-Larissa Reid

Bios and Links

-Larissa Reid

A freelance science writer by trade, Larissa has written poetry and prose regularly since 2016. Notable publications include Northwords Now, Silk & Smoke, Green Ink Poetry, Fenacular, Black Bough Poetry Anthologies, and the Beyond the Swelkie Anthology. She had a poem shortlisted for the Janet Coats Memorial Prize 2020. Larissa is intrigued by visible and invisible boundary lines in landscapes – geological faultlines, myth and reality, edge-lines of land and sea. Based on Scotland’s east coast, she balances her writing life with bringing up her daughters. Larissa is a founder member of the Edinburgh-based writing group, Twisted::Colon.

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