Celebrate #NationalBiscuitDay today! What is your favourite biscuit? What is it about the biscuit, taste, texture, smell that entices you? Have you written about it, created artworks/photos about it? Join The Pembrokeshire poet and I in celebrating biscuits. I would love to feature you on The Wombwell Rainbow.


Photo of their own Bourbonhenge by The Pembrokeshire Poet.

roselle jammie dodger image

-River Swan Avon.

They say about Jammie Dodgers:

Who doesn’t love a Jammie Dodger? They’re the staple of Brits’ biscuit tins with their perfect combination of shortcake and jam! The heart in the middle says it all


Bios And Links

-The Pembrokeshire Poet

lives in Pembrokeshire in Wales. A teacher, therapist, parent of 3, writer, poet. Passionate about people, Inclusivity (lots of their poems are themed around this) Wales, literature and laughter. They have completed three children’s novels as well as lots of poems and their dream is to be a published author.

-River Swan of Avon

is an independent publisher of illustrations, cards and prints, based in Stratford-upon-Avon. All illustrations are inspired by Great Britain. They are created by Naomi Hands-Smith using a traditional nib ink pen and layered with bright watercolour washes. See http://riverswanofavon.com

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