#DementiaActionWeek #DementiaActionAwarenessWeek 2022. 16th-22nd May. Day Five. Please join Leslie Almberg, Beth Brooke and I in talking about dementia. Have you written unpublished/published work about dementia? Created artworks about dementia? Please contact me if you would like your work featured this week.

Day Five
dementia action week 2022

grandpa was a chemist

This piece reflects my appreciation for my brilliant and deeply flawed grandparents whose long lives eventually faded into the shadows of grandmother’s dementia.

-Leslie Almberg

Zoom With My Mother

Knows I belong to her
though not quite certain
how, she peers at the screen;
then smiles, reaches out
a tissue paper hand to try and
touch my face.
“Hello, sweetheart,”she says.

-Beth Brooke

Bios and Links

-Beth Brooke

is a recently retired teacher and education consultant. She lives in Dorset but was born and did important parts of her growing in the Middle East. The landscapes of both these places are strong influences on her writing. She has had work published in a number of online journals and has been placed in a couple of small poetry competitions. She loves writing poems and sharing them with other people.

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