Celebrate #NationalStationeryWeek Day Three. Celebrate #WorldStationeryDay. Please join Peter Donnelly and Dave Garbutt. Do you have any favourite ways of making notes with pen and paper. A favourite pen to write with? Pencil case poems, joy of handwriting rather than typing. Still write letters? Your favourite writing paper? Mon 16th: #makeanoteday, Tuesday 17th: #penandpencil,Wednesday 18th: #worldstationeryday,Thursday 19th: #workhappy, Friday 20th: #fountainpenfriday, Saturday 21st: #stationeryshopsaturday, Sunday 22nd: #sendaletterdaysunday. I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks Please include a 3rd person bio

natstatweekSeeking the Scent

Does anyone else do that, I wonder?
Sniff inside envelopes as soon they’re opened
for the scent of the letter-writer’s home?
I do – Great-Aunt Shirley’s near Exeter,
Grandma’s flat in Ripon;
my penfriend’s in Solihull
where l have never been,
whom I’ve not met.
Their soap, their perfume, their pot-pourri.

It isn’t there of course,
like the pot of gold
at the foot of the rainbow.
The letter has passed
through the postman’s hands
and many others before mine.
The only scent is of glue
which I can no longer tell myself
my correspondent will have licked.

-Peter J. ConnellyScreenshot_2022-05-18-09-13-55-02_a27b88515698e5a58d06d430da63049d

-Dave Garbutt Postcard Poem

Bios And Links

-Dave Garbutt

has been writing poems since he was 17 and has still not learned to give up. His poems have been published in The Brown Envelope Anthology, and magazines (Horizon, Writers & Readers) most recently on XRcreative and forthcoming in the Deronda review. His poem ‘ripped’ was long listed in the Rialto Nature & Place competition 2021. In August 2021 he took part in the Postcard Poetry Festival and the chap book that came from that is available at the postcard festival website. https://ppf.cascadiapoeticslab.org/2021/11/08/dave-garbutt-interview/.

He was born less than a mile from where Keats lived in N London and sometimes describes himself as ‘a failed biologist, like Keats’, in the 70’s he moved to Reading until till moving to Switzerland (in 1994), where he still lives. He has found the time since the pandemic very productive as many workshops and groups opened up to non-locals as they moved to Zoom.

Dave retired from the science and IT world in 2016 and he is active on Twitter, FaceBook, Medium.com, Flickr (he had a solo exhibition of his photographs in March 2017). He leads monthly bird walks around the Birs river in NW Switzerland. His tag is @DavGar51.

-Peter J Donnelly

lives in York where he works as a hospital secretary. He has a degree in English Literature and a MA in Creative Writing from the University of Wales Lampeter. He has been published in various magazines and anthologies including Dreich and Writer’s Egg, where some of these poems have previously appeared. Last year he won second prize in the Ripon Poetry Festival competition.

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