Cyrille Saura and James W. Wood: Animal Others

The High Window

Mywildeyes (2021_10_03 19_16_13 UTC)(1)

‘Animal Others: Wild Ideas About Civilization’ is a collaborative project that combines art and poetry to seek alternative solutions for the various crises humanity faces: environmental breakdown, social exclusion, technocratic rule. We’re asking viewers and readers to consider radical responses and alternative solutions to our existential challenges – not just more policy, more data, more debt spending. We believe Nature’s wisdom to be far advanced from anything mankind has yet discovered. Specifically, we seek to draw attention to non-rational, organic and spiritual directions humanity should take to combat alienation, reduce waste and environmental destruction, and activate inclusive dialogue between peoples and communities. We combine striking images with poems to unsettle what people think they know – from a wildcat dressed in a cravat to a skull-toting Shaman wishing hell on her oppressor. For more:

Twitter @James_W_Wood Website:

Instagram @cyrillesaura Website:


J.W.Wood is the author of five…

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