Mervyn Linford: Shepherd’s Warning

The High Window


Mervyn Linford is a widely published writer of poetry and prose. He is also the founder and editor of Littoral Press, a small not-for-profit poetry press. The High Window will be publishing Mervyn’s latest collection, Shepherd’s Warning, to coincide with the publication of its summer issue.


This is what people have been saying about his work:

‘Linford is in tune with the Earth’s own lingua franca, the quanta of the sun, the inside of the seed. Whether he is writing about bees that ‘lumber through the airwaves,’ goldfinches sounding their ‘vernal music’, or the wren’s ‘loud reel and rattle’ these closely observed poems about the natural world serve as meditations on the landscape of the Suffolk and Essex countryside that Linford has come to know and love so well.

In Shepherd’s Warning, Linford asks ‘Do we ever grow old, or is winter where we…

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