Jane Dougherty Writes

For Paul Brookes’ April poetry challenge, day 20’s poem is inspired by all three images. You can find them here, and all the poetic responses.


Is this what was left when the lava cooled,
when the dust settled and the lights grew dim?

Are these cities, whose pulse
is the electric jerks of cabled blood,
our future?

Were all those millennia just preamble
for the great unplugging?

Beach and cliff call us back to the birth time,
the tiny things,
shells, crabs and sea-crawlers
in their sarcophagi of fossilized stone.

Dumb and blind now,
their stone ears are full of the booming silences
of prehistoric oceans,
in our hands, cool and smooth,

and not so dead as the concrete wastes
we have made of our hearts.

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