Jane Dougherty Writes

Very late posting today’s poem for Paul Brookes’ challenge. We were watching the Branagh film Belfast. Great film, great soundtrack. This one was inspired by Gaynor Kane’s Belfast docks and JPL’s smoke stacks. Go to Paul’s blog and read all the responses, it’s always are treat.


There are stars deep the sky,
deep the grass beneath the hedge,
sun dapples on water,
glinting in wild eyes.

Green spreads without begging,
trees, climbing vines,
rivers run.

Light pours from sunsets, sunrises,
lies cradled in the petals of a rose.

We spread grey and grim,
smeared with smoky fingers,
leave rims of plastic filth, our tidemarks,

and at night we create our own stars,
cranked up and humming,
like aircraft aping birds.

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