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A writer & her adolescent muse

Throughout the month of April, I am taking part of the annual Ekphrastic Challenge over on The Wombwell Rainbow – hosted by Paul Brooks.

This Challenge is a collaboration between three artists and nearly a dozen writers including myself.


April 8th

Artist Gaynor Kane – Devenish Round Tower

The Spirit of Devenish

A family of three were visiting

The ancient round tower

Of Devenish Island

They roamed the uneven terrain

Inspecting each crevice and ruin

As the adults moved on toward the next section

They noticed their young son hadn’t stirred

No amount of prodding and bribes would get the boy to budge

So, they questioned why he refused to obey

Caitilin doesn’t want me to go, the boy replied

The parents exchanged puzzled looks

Who’s Caitilin, son? The father asked

As if the boy hadn’t heard, he said

She doesn’t want me to go

Her momma’s lost…

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