Day 3, Ekphrastic Challenge: My Poem, Once We Had a Lily Pond

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

Inspired by AWD3 “Occupied” and GK3 “Abstract Art-Lily Pond

Once we had a Lily Pond

Behind the barbed wire we dream,
but try not to—
our existence is a nightmare,
a universe of grey
and we are ghosts trapped within it.

At night, I think of the lily pond,
in the vibrant green of that blackbird summer—
when the air carried the scent of life,
and frog chirps and bird trills drifted like seed heads
on a balmy breeze.

Every rosy sunrise was a promise,
every violet sunset was an affirmation,
the changeable sky was a source of wonder,
and revolutions took us ‘round the sun
as the mountains transformed from emerald to amber —
sparkling jewels in a perfect setting
with an unseen broken clasp.

We spent our days entwined
and thought the filagree of love
and decency was enough.

I’m glad you’re not here,
where there is…

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