Happy #MothersDay #MothersDay2022 #MotheringSunday #Cybele Celebrate mothers of all kinds I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks. Please include a short third person bio.

Mam at Coronation street clearer

A photo of my late mam outside the Rovers Return.

Our Mam’s Potpourri

Our home were spiced up.
When she were well
Mam placed wooden pots
of her favourite fragrances
on the tiled hearth,
strung garlands
on the hallway walls.
She made our home a rich orchard.
Christmas roses wilted in radiated heat.
Poinsettias glowed on the hearth.

Allspice, cedar wood shavings,
cinnamon and cassia bark,
cloves, cypress wood pairings,
fennel seed, incense-cedar
wood shavings, jasmine flowers
and oil, jujube blooms,
juniper wood chips.

I thought it magic,
‘cause it didn’t rot,
lavender leaves,
lemon balm leaves,
lemon peel, marjoram
and mignonette and mint leaves,
mugwort, orange peel.

Sweet citrus infused all rooms.
Whilst out of her French windows snow
gusted barkskin limbs shivered.

Pelargonium leaves, pinyon pine
slices and cones, rose flowers,
hips, rosemary leaves.

Even on gusty winter day Mam died,
and sharp tangs were stench
and pots emptied,
garlands binned,
odours dissipated from rooms but not memory.

-Paul Brookes

A Mum's Love by Neal Zetter

-Neal Zetter

Four Daffodils
When: March 1982Hampstead Parish Church Cemetery

Only four Daffodils mark the place we laid you
I bring you
many things I could not bring before
I cannot list them
but suppose they come with growing old.
I can cry now
and do as I watch the flowers in the wind.
Regret’s as cheap as pollen and as fertile
so I bring you —more
The one’s I love to meet you.
One being fed, one feeding,
as I was fed by you.
A month for every flower.
If you can hear me
bless them
bless me
and know that only now I understand
the depth of love
that always finds
and always fills
and never stops or fears.

-Dave Garbutt

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