Reviews for Spring 2022

The High Window




Iain Crichton Smith: Deer on the High Hills: Selected Poems, edited by John Greening • Edna St Vincent Millay:  Poems and SatiresLouise Glück: Winter Recipes from the Collective  • Sheri Benning: Field RequiemHannah Lowe: The The Kids  • Annemarie Austin: Shall We Go?  • Tishani DoshiA God at the Door  •  Myra Schneider: Siege and Symphony  • Anne Ryland: Unruled Journal  • Frank Dullaghan: In the Coming of Winter  Omar SabbaghMorning Lit: Portals after AliaMichael Crowley :The Battle of HeptonstallRobin Thomas: Hum  • Barry Smith: Performance Rites  • Sarah Watkinson: PhotovoltaicHubert MooreOwl Songs  • Carole Coates: When The Swimming Pool Fell Into The Sea  • Candy Neubert

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