#DifficultTimes #PayingForIt #FuelPoverty #FoodPoverty #Payingforit .A special theme in response to our rising bills. Please join Tim Fellows and myself in marking with your writing and artworks . I will feature your published/unpublished poetry/short prose/artworks about this issue. Please include a short third person bio. This is an ongoing post

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Coffee by Tim Fellows

-Tim Fellows


Our daughter starves so our grand bairns can eat.
She decides to live on energy drinks.
We take all out for dinner as a treat,
get a good meal inside her, make her think.

If she’s not there, who will be there for them?
We give what we can to make it better.
Tell her bairns need her. Who will make and mend?
Moments don’t come again. Make them matter.

When they were homeless we gave them our home.
She had a short week, hope we gave enough.
Want them to be safe, secure, not alone.
Fight their own battles, solid, wise and tough.

Must never be without food in their mouths.
She cannot let them live, decide to starve.

-Paul Brookes (Poem featured in Chesterfield Exhibition)

Bios And Links

-Tim Fellows
is a poet and writer from Chesterfield whose poetry is heavily influenced by his background in the Derbyshire coalfields – family, mining, politics, and that mix of industry and countryside that so many mining areas had.

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