The Featured American Poet: Lanny Ledeboer

The High Window

lanny pic jpeg cropped


Lanny has supplied the following biographical sketch:

I was born at the end of the baby boom and grew up accordingly. Plenty to eat, best friend down the street, Little League baseball and television cartoons on Saturday mornings. Car trips to Yellowstone and Disneyland. Movies to see, books to read. Typical Americana.

As a boy I read Edgar Rice Burroughs and found myself wanting to be a writer, even more than I wanted to be Tarzan. I filled pages of a grade-school notebook with a translation dictionary of jungle words to English (Numa = lion; Sheeta = leopard). Then I stumbled into the science fiction rack at the Greyhound bus depot downtown, and I dreamed of becoming the next Ursula Le Guin, the next Arthur C. Clarke.

In high school I read Hemingway and wanted to write the next great American novel. In college, though, I took an Introduction…

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