Wombwell Rainbow Catch Up with Kerry Darbishire

-Kerry Darbishire

lives in Cumbria where most of her poetry is rooted. Her two poetry collections are with Indigo Dreams Publishing. Her biography Kay’s Ark published by Handstand Press. Her poems have appeared widely in magazines and anthologies and have won or been short listed in several competitions. Kerry’s third collection (joint winner of the Full Fat Collection, Hedgehog Press) will be published in 2022.

Here is the original 2019 interview


Update for Paul Brookes at Wombwell from Kerry Darbishire

Since our conversation in 2019 I’ve been busier than ever. Possibly to do with the Pandemic which could have put a halt to creativity but then I thought, sink or swim and consequently adapted by enrolling on workshops, keeping up with my local poetry groups: Dove Cottage Poets, Write on the Farm, and the Kendal Brewery Poets for workshopping poems. Deadlines are a good thing for me, something to aim for. Also buying and reading many different styles of poetry, joining zoom readings, and open mics has been a huge inspiration.  And through zooms etc., and one of the best things, is meeting poets from all over the world. I’ve had acceptances in anthologies and placements in several competitions. I jointly won the Hedgehog Press collection competition this year with my new and third collection Jardinière, which I’m very excited about. I’m also currently working on three pamphlets.

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