Path Through Wood by Sam Buchan-Watts (Prototype)

Tears in the Fence

In the opening poem of Sam Buchan-Watts’ debut collection, ‘Lines following’, we accompany the narrator into a wood where:

The way into the woods is in a way

to go around the woods: the woods are always in the way

if you’re in them (if they’re woods).

The poem recreates the experience of a place rich in memories but which also eludes us, a space we feel we ‘never really entered’. ‘Lines following’ could be a metaphor for the volume as a whole, individual pieces managing ingeniously to ‘go around’ their subject even as we are ‘in’ them.

The second and third poems in the book stay with the image of woods, ‘ballad’ evoking childhood memories, and ‘The Days Go Just Like That’ (the title in quotation marks) recalling adolescence.Later in the collection there is another poem entitled ’The Days Go Just Like That’ (this time without quotation marks) which…

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