Reviews for Winter 2021

The High Window




Sean Hewitt: Tongues of FireFleur Adcock:The Mermaid’s PurseStephanie Norgate: The ConversationParwanna Fayyaz: 40 NamesGregory Woods: Records of an Incitement to SilenceCarola Luther : On the Way to Jerusalem FarmAnna Saunders: FeverfewRichard SkinnerInvisible Sun  • Lynne Wycherley:Brooksong & Shadows  Maggie Butt: everlovePolina Cosgrave: My Name is John Short: Those Ghosts 


Neil Elder: Like This  • Colin Pink: Wreck of the Jeanne GougyMandy Pannett: The Daedalus Files Robin Thomas: Cafferty’s Truck


When the Virus Came Calling: Covid-19 Strikes America edited by Thelma T. Reyna


Michael McCarthy: Like A Tree Cut Back


Walter Owen: The Cross of Carl


Anne Carson:

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