#NaNoWriMo Day Twenty-Seven of a new challenge I have called #AFirstDraft to write a haibun/haiku or other poetic form novel or prose novel over the month. Please join Gayle J. Greenlea, Anjum Wasim Dar and myself in writing first draft of a novel over the next Thirty Days. I will feature your first, or how many more drafts of your novel day by day until the end of November.

blue lotus obscureTrigger Warning PEOPLE OF A SENSITIVE NATURE ARE ADVISED THAT THE FOLLOWING EXTRACTS EXPLORE FAMILY DYSFUNCTION AND ABUSE ISSUES Zero Gravity Gayle J. Greenlea Excerpt for 27 November, 2021 <chapter> Two continued   “I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Siobhan sat on a green velvet lounge at Interlude, littered with the fruits of her shopping labours. “I almost didn’t. And not only because Ryan absconded with my car and keys. Thank God there’s decent public transport in this city.” Hilary slid onto the lounge across the coffee table from her sister. Interlude was a charming little retro bar in Newtown, warmed by terracotta sunshine, plush lounges and overstuffed chairs. She waved down the bartender and ordered a margarita with Cointreau and lime. Before the night was out, she might be doing straight tequila shots. “Speak for yourself. You haven’t been lugging all these shopping bags on and off trains all day.” Siobhan was working on a gin and tonic. From the looks of her it was one in a long queue of beverages she’d been progressively consuming since late afternoon. -Gayle J. Greenlea YOU’RE THE DEAD TO ME Fourth week -A Waning – Day Seven I’m statue of Kes. I’m a massive Barnsley Chop. I’m half buried wheel. -Paul Brookes Bios And Links -Gayle J. Greenlea is an American-Australian poet and counselor for survivors of sexual and gender-related violence. Her poem, Wonderland”, received the Australian Poetry Prod Award in 2011. She shortlisted and longlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize in 2013, and debuted her first novel, Zero Gravity, at the KGB Literary Bar in Manhattan in 2016. Her work has been published in St. Julian Press, Rebelle Society, A Time to Speak, Headline Poetry and Press, The Wombwell Rainbow, Fevers of the Mind, Kalonopia and The Australian Health Review.

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