Happy #WorldKindnessDay I will feature your unpublished/published poetry/short prose/artworks about kindness in today’s blog. Please include a short third person bio.

world kindness day


I’m walking over cobblestone skin tingling
Towards the lady I saw sometime
Shared a brief hello and smiles
I was alone that day just walking
Exploring a land not mine
I’m a stranger made welcome here.
This time I am in a group and she gives
A loving smile and hugs me tender hug
To her my pale skin is cold she worries
Head to foot she wears the black garb of her peers
She points to herself and me showing we are known
To one another if nobody else
She tells my family her name
I am in a foreign land I could be rejected
I am not
She puffs out her chest and says one thing
“Mama”, and again “Mama” with warning
She reaches into her bag, giving me sweets
Giving me tissues, and rubbing my arms
To warm me as only a mother can.
She points to show me where to find her
I nod understanding to this mother
Familiar yet unfamiliar
Family but not blood
Am kissed on both cheeks lovingly
By the never to be forgotten

Bios And Links

-Ailsa Cawley

has been writing stories, poems and verses since she was a child. 
It’s not always what is considered poetry by some, as she isn’t a lover of sweet, schmaltzy rhymes! 
She is currently writing her first novel. A psychological thriller with a paranormal element, and she hopes to bring out a poetry collection one day! 
She lives on the Isle of Skye. While some of her poetry is written from personal experience, others are written from her slightly dark and twisted  imagination. 

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