Wombwell Rainbow Book Review: Photovoltaic by Sarah Watkinson

photovoltaic sarah watkinson

Sarah Watkinson writes captured sunshine. One of her favourite forms in her book is the Petrarchan Sonnet.

Her explorations of the universe and nature, so often returns to her personal space “In your own study, you record the words of those you heard” , “This spring walking leaves earth on my boots. My house is no/palace/but I have hot water and my study, where I write and/field calls.”

In her own review of Anna Selby’s “Field Notes” she states “This selfless intense observation lies at the heart of science, which aims to understand the nature of things.” As much a statement describing her own approach when writing poetry.

It is a delight to see her exploring beyond our senses: but a gentler ray, that’s dark to us, restrains/and trips their raring phytochrome to ‘off’/a far red we can’t see but plants can. And it is marvellous to find a poem from the animal’s perspective: “Dung Beetles Navigate by Starlight, I track my treasure home on star beams, hide/my finds in caverns, steer them clean away.

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