Breakfast at the Origami Café by Tess Jolly (Blue Diode Press)

Tears in the Fence

Poems in this collection, stunning in language and shocking in theme, pivot on paradox. In the section called ‘Confetti’,for instance,in the six-part sequence ‘She’,the reader is led into the beauty of a sensory garden with flowers and nests filled with ‘soft pink fledglings.’ Instantly, the flowers are yanked out by the roots, nests are lobbied over the wall and those small fledglings are, horrifyingly, shredded into confetti and scattered. InBreakfast at the Origami Café,we are in a world half dream, half nightmare, a world of masks and vanishing through cracks, a condition of ‘now-you-see-us-now-you-don’t.’(‘Gaps’).

There is violence at the heart of the poems in this collection, a tradition of violence, the memories it brings, the damage and regrets.Breakfast at the Origami Cafécomprises four sections all with underlying shadows and pain. Part 1, which focuses on the mother figure, is…

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