Happy #InternationalPodcastDay What is your favourite poetry/short prose/artwork podcast, and why? I will feature all contributions on my blog post today.

International Podcast Day

international podcast day poster

@EatTheStorms – because Damien @deuxiemepeau produces it so well and I get to hear some great poets I may otherwise have missed. ‘Eat the Storms Podcast’ is definitely my Number 1.

-Patricia M. Osborne (https://eatthestorms.com/)


@Jundermilkwood & @r_vallen on the Faber Poetry Podcast — I heard they were coming back. I think we should be told. For the world’s dirtiest laugh Danez Smith and Franny Choi on The Poetry Magazine Podcast. BBC 3 — The Verb and @DaljitNagra4 with Poetry Extra.

First because I love the presenters and their insights. Second, I mentioned the dirty laugh plus an insight into US poetry. Third because IMM is fun and interesting to gauge what and who the BBC think are important poetry voices. Last one because it goes back into the archives

-Simon Maddrell (https://www.faber.co.uk/blog/tag/faber-poetry-podcast/


https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/search?q=Poetry+extra )


Ahh Between the Covers by @DavidNaimon and @CommonplacePod and The Chapbook by @BullCityPress and and and!!! Going to add my baby @OfPoetryPodcast!

Red heart
-Hannah VanderHart (https://tinhouse.com/podcasts/


Generosity and breadth and warmth of attention—I’m always discovering a new author or new book via these podcasts. Also they each exist in the space of conversation rather than strict interview, and have helped keep me company in these long months of quarantine!



Red heart

Poetry & my fave podcasts are @EatTheStorms@deuxiemepeauhttps://eatthestorms.com + #DylanThomasBirthplace#Podcast@FrequencyHouse1@blackboughpoems with @Iqbal_Malik2@MatthewMCSmith transmitting from @dylanthomashomehttps://bit.ly/39NVUWd

Gem stone

-Rhona Greene


I’m interested in experimental and formally constrained poetry, and love the @PenteractPod! @Anthony_Etherin, @ClaraDaneri and their guests are so knowledgeable, not just about poetry but also how it relates to music and art, and the discussions are always informative and fun.

-Marian Christie (https://www.buzzsprout.com/834940/)


@PodcastMicro obvs

I don’t think I can pick which one has been a favourite so far, cos I’m internet-friendly with quite a few people who’ve read out their work on it! I love the guitar music and hearing all of the different accents from all over the world. I too now say “please enjoy”!

-Nicola Humphreys



It’s a really warm environment to discuss (or to listen to them discuss) literature that isn’t too academic or formal. So it feels very accessible. Plus the hosts are funny and sweet

-Kathryn O’Driscoll


@cruzfolio J. Alejandro does a cool podcast, too. And, not sure it counts as it is radio…but, don’t forget Express Yourself with @carla_woodburn !

-Samantha Terrell (https://cruzfolio.com/)


Definitely the @slowdownshow with @adalimon.

My response will sound a little trite but … just listen to it. You’ll see (or rather, hear).

-Mark Antony Owen (https://www.slowdownshow.org/)


I would add Strength To Be Human by Anthony Rossi

-Paul Brookes (https://strengthtobehuman.podbean.com/)

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