#September11#911Anniversary #NeverForget911 Anybody got any poetry/artworks that you have created yourself about this event? Please join Cheryl Moskowitz and myself in marking this day. I will feature all contributions on my blog today.

#September11#911Anniversary #NeverForget911

cheryl moskowitz shed

photo credit: Russell Hodgson

That Day

I was outside
painting the walls green
when the planes hit.
First one and then the other
Little planes? I asked the radio
I thought of Dastardly and Muttley who were always
flying into buildings
cursing their luck
and flying off again.
I hoped against hope
for minimum destruction.
The walls of my shed
so newly built
and now, the green paint not even dry.
We all scanned the skies for airplanes that day
feeling ourselves to be the target–
even my shed began to feel like a skyscraper.
– Cheryl Moskowitz

beams of light

To Commemorate

death when
the two towers fell
shine two beams of light
into the dark

our tiny bones break against panes
of glass
thousands of us in the beams
of light

a gram of fat, fuel for 120 miles
lost in man-made light

-Paul Brookes

Bios And Links

-Cheryl Moskowitz

is a US-born writer and poet living in London. She works in a shed in her garden. www.cherylmoskowitz.com

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