Review of ‘White Eye Of The Needle’ by Chris Campbell

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

White Eye of the Needle by Chris Campbell (The Choir Press) is a poignant collection of poems that captures so much about this unique time in our history. Although not all of the poems are written specifically about the pandemic, they function as a commentary on Lockdown by reminding us of the pleasures of everyday life that we are currently denied.

Many of Campbell’s Lockdown poems convey the insularity of lives during the pandemic which he shows persists even when the regulations have been relaxed. Take for example, his Careful what you touch. The bustle of the city’s streets has to some degree returned: ‘Where once was the odd stroller. Now restrictions have eased; //There’s ten.’ However, this is not normality. The shoppers maintain their distance: they remain suspicious and wary of contact with one another: the man in the brown boots ‘passes a couple…and picks up/The pace’. He is…

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