Arachnida Sonnets by Paul Brookes (an occasional series)

Fevers of the Mind

photo by Marcel Herms (c)

1. The Dust Mite

I'm blind and mostly water. We smell one
another out, along with delicious
dander, dead skin and hair. Clamber on
and over each other in dank, darkness.

I cast my skin while growing. Float on air.
I had six legs until my other two
grew. Soon as I'm fully grown I need Her.
We sniff each other out, touch a way through.

Her eggs are sticky. Light alarms us, clump
and huddle together for safety.
Alarm over our nose tracks source of plump
sweet, huge crumbs. Leave small droppings constantly.

My world is what my senses touch and smell.
Maybe you can't see or feel me as well.

2. A Crab Spider (for Pearl Pirie) I wait. In here I wait. For their arrival. I have changed my colour to be unseen. They want pollen. They land on a petal, walk…

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