#NationalInsectWeek 21st-27th June. Sunday – Dragonflies and other insects I may have missed during the past week. Anybody written poems about Dragonflies and other insects? Artworks/photos welcome too. References to poems/artwork other than your own I will show as links in the post, unless the referenced author welcomes my use of their work. I will add to this posts throughout today, so don’t worry if your submission has not been posted, yet. Here are the prompts for the week: Monday – Beetles, Tuesday – Cockroaches, Wednesday – Flies, Thursday – Mayflies, Friday – Butterflies, Saturday – Ant, Bee and Wasp, Sunday – Dragonflies, and any other insects I missed during the week.

Sunday – Dragonflies, and any other insects I may have missed.

insect week

Banded Demoiselle damselflyCommon Blue damselflyCommon Darter emerging 2Four-spotted ChaserFour-spotted ChaserSouthern Hawker emergingSouthern Hawker neawly emerged

-David’s photos

Dragonfly, a Pantoum

Your movement, never still,
enchanted dragonfly,
master of your craft
on fragile, gauzy wings.

Enchanted dragonfly,
Whirring, quivering,
on fragile gauzy wings,
sparkling colours dazzling.

Whirring, quivering,
nature’s helicopter,
sparkling colours dazzling
like a shimmering gem.

Nature’s helicopter,
Art Nouveau jewellers’
shimmering gems
captured your vibrancy.

Art Nouveau jewellers,
masters of their craft,
captured your vibrancy –

your movement ever stilled.

-Jenni Wyn Hyatt

margarets dragonfly

Red Dragonfly by John Hawkhead

Red Dragonfly by John Hawkhead

Dragonfly by John Hawkhead

Dragonfly by John Hawkhead

Rachel deering dragonfly

-Dragonfly by Rachel Deering

Linda Ludwig Dragonfly

-Dragonfly by Linda Ludwig

ChristinaChin_purple dragonfly_Wombwell Rainbow

-Christina Chin

Before I

Before I break the Surface of the world
I live another life beneath where light
falls differently. I eat Small that curl
in front, while Larger see me tasty bite.

Hidden behind long stems I wait and wait.
Quick squirt of breath behind to catch the Slow.
Grab it with my hooks drag it to my gape.
Climb Up a stem and shed Old Skins as I grow.

Need forces me to break Surface in Dark
where I learn to breathe before final shuck.
Let limbs and wings harden into flights start.
He grabs my neck, I arch my back, Eggstruck.

I return to Surface, slice open stem.
Lay my eggs for life to begin again.

-Paul Brookes

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