Refugee Week

Refugees not migrants by Peter Lilly 1Refugees not Migrants 2 by Peter Lilly

-Peter Lilly


I’m ripples, swamped by water,
lifted by brother.
I’m girl watching home
wash away again, again.
I hover over flood
my only loves, our goat,
the bracelets of my grandmother,
now treasure of the force of nature.

I’m homeless in the smoke-grey
of a greedy monsoon.

-Maggie Mackay (previously published in the ezine, ‘Writers For Calais Refugees’ )

I will not see that fine shore again
Or feel its breeze upon my face
We are shackled to this human train
That passes through another’s place.

Graham Bibby

Bios and Links

#RefugeeWeek2021 #WeCannotWalkAlone 14th-20th June. Refugee Week is a festival celebrating the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. I will feature your unpublished/published poetry/artwork on this post. Celebrate.

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