#30DaysWild 1st-30th June. Day Ten. Logpile. 30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual nature challenge where they ask the nation to do one ‘wild’ thing a day every day throughout June. Your daily Random Acts of Wildness can be anything you like – litter-picking, birdwatching, puddle-splashing, you name it! I would love to feature your published/unpublished photos/artworks/writing on your random acts. Please contact me.

Day 10 Logpile

These are the day themes for the next ten days:

11. Follow a bumblebee

12. Make a map of local wildlife

13. Record what you see in your garden or at a park

14. Set up your own moth trap with a sheet and torch

15. Help create a hedgehog highway

16. Watch a wild webcam Wildlifetrusts.org/webcam

17. Go on a bughunt

18. Visit your local park at dusk and look for bats

19. Set up camp in or outdoors

20. Watch the sunrise or sunset


It leans against the old summerhouse,
rusty wheel spokes a nod to its former
glory days as champion of forays into nature.

Wilted bouquets overhang the woven basket:
Withered lilac still murmuring lines from
summer sonnets, sweet pea symphonies with their

spectral arpeggios, rising and falling in cadences,
like gusting leaves across manicured lawns,
chasing away all traces of seasonal depression.

Birds sing full-throated, their daffodil chorus
echoing round the orchard garden,
hedgehogs wake snuffling in the musty woodpile.

At full moon new life throbs through the crippled frame,
sounding the bell in time with the hooting owls,
beckoning fairy folk to mount the saddle, take a ride.

They fly down in the bells of virgin snowdrops,
Filling the basket with crocus and lesser celandine
speeding to the woods in search of early narcissi.

What stories come to mind as they revel in magical
flight through moonlit meadows and glades.
Released from years of neglect, the old girl lives again.

-Margaret Royall (From her collection “When Flora Sings”

FB_IMG_1622964444055 - Copy


the harvest fields 

golden sunset 

~ Christina Chin 

Fireflies’s Light 

Ruin on Lewis by Dave Green

Ruin on Lewis by Dave Green

Bios and Links

-Christina Chin

-Dave Green

lives and works in Sheffield.  For 30 years he worked in education with vulnerable and neurodiverse children before belatedly discovering that recent governments may not be prioritizing the marginalized in society.  Now he trains people in positive mental health and how to recover from the pandemic.  He writes poems, paints, chops logs, cycles everywhere and shops local.

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