The Unresolveables (An Heroic Crown Sonnet Sequence) by Paul Brookes at (sonnets 1-6)

Fevers of the Mind


Sat At Tideline With

Sat at tideline with all my belongings. 
Longings in belongings. No you can't. Don't
Wave waxing pulls my stuff, drags itl Slipping.
It can't have it. I won't give in. I won't

Ripple recedes as it pulls away from me.
Then it rises, swoops like bloody murder.
Sucks at my frames, pictures of family.
Don't remember what I've lost. I suffer

from losing nothing. People tell me what
I've lost. I'm none the wiser. I need my bag.
They steal my bag. Then help me find it. That's
why I carry it with me. My keys they rag.

They lift up stuff, say It's here. Discovered
My photos, my ornaments, all gathered.

All Gathered My photos, my ornaments, all gathered into me beside a sea that steals, hoards. I painted three cat pictures. I'm mithered, I can't recall their names. Lose the cord. Hoppy…

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