NaPoWriMo Day 28


Art by Kerfe Roig

What I Wanted

When I was a country child

with long, empty

summer days to get through,

I’d wish every night on a star

that tomorrow, somehow,

I’d get to go to The Lake.

I imagined how it must feel

to spend an entire day there,

swimming and talking, eating

ice cream and watching cute boys

swim out to the high dive,

the water glistening

like dew-dipped sky, pines ringing

the perimeter, peridots and emeralds

shimmering in the steadfast

gaze of the sun.

All the girls laid out on the pier

on bright beach towels

in babydoll swimsuits, flipping

from stomach to back

like choreographed dancers.

I saw them there a few times

but I was always an onlooker.

Those girls never stuck a toe

in the water, never felt a drop

on their hair.

It didn’t seem fair that some girls

actually did this every…

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