#NationalGardeningWeek 27th April-2nd May. Royal Horticultural Society theme for this year is Gardening for Wellbeing. Take a dose of Vitamin G, for Green, for Gardening. Artwork and poetry challenge to produce and submit a piece of writing or artwork, that includes photos, for EVERY day of the week. Submit them to me via DM, or email them to me and I shall feature them for that day. The themes for each day are outlined below. You may submit on the day, too.

Tuesday 27th Take A Mindful Moment in your garden, what can you hear, what new things can you see?

Wednesday 28th, A Child’s Garden. Of verse, perhaps as R L Stevenson would have it. What do you remember about being a child in gardens?

Thursday29th, Houseplant. What have you written about your houseplants?

Friday 30th, Green Wellbeing. How has your garden helped you cope with lockdown, self isolation or shielding?

Saturday 1st May, Wildlife. Have you written about wildlife that visits your garden, birds, insects, worms

Sunday 2nd May. Gardens Heal. How has your garden helped you cope with bereavement, anxiety, stress?

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