Fairy Dust Magic – A Trio Of Ovillejo’s – April Ekphrastic Challenge

The world according to RedCat

Fairy Dust by Kerfe Roig


To hide their land fairies enlist
Floating mist
A fine fairy dust outpouring
Protecting by bending light beams
Hidden dreams

Only those that freely daydreams
Can find the hidden secret way
To let light shine through the fog gray
Floating mist obscuring hidden dreams


Who still believes in magic dreams?
Poets it seems
Who follows silvery moonbeams?
Who still dreams?
Who let fairies sprinkle a flick
of magic?

Whenever life feels blue tragic
Write yourself unburdened and free
Proudly let the world again see
Poets it seems still dreams of magic


What’s got you squirming and fussing?
A mind abuzz
What have you found in your searchings?
A heart that sings
What’s hiding within your brain folds?
Stories untold

Adventure that never grows old
Finding words that makes the soul glow
As stanzas form, cascades and flow
A mind abuzz, a…

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