Review of ‘Dualities’ by Sharon Larkin

Nigel Kent - Poet and Reviewer

You know that you’ve enjoyed reading a collection when you repeatedly wish you’d written the poem you’ve just read. That was the case for me with Sharon Larkin’s, Dualities (Hedgehog Poetry press, 2020). I was left envying the achievement of this collection for she writes the sort of poetry that I enjoy reading and aspire to write.

Larkin’s collection has the perfect title, Dualities, for in this collection so many of the poems examine the two, often conflicting, aspects of the subjects about which she writes. This is particularly true of her poems about relationships which capture their complexity, revealing how positive behaviours can turn out to have negative outcomes. For example, in Mismatch she writes about a woman trapped in a controlling relationship in which she is treated as a child, forced to do things she doesn’t want to: ‘I didn’t want to, but you enticed me out,/found me…

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