#NationalHaikuDay Celebrate the Haiku, three unrhymed lines, first 5 syllables, second 7, third 5. Be excellent to have artwork as well as your haiku’s. Published/unpublished, all welcome. Please DM me, or send a message via my WordPress.


Kate Holden

No bright mixed veggies
nineteen ice packs color my
freezer rehab blue

-Kate M. Holden

ChristinaChin _ vegan monk_ Failed HaikuChristinaChin_ daffodils _Bamboo HutChristinaChin_bengal cat_ THFChristinaChin_Lotus_WombwellChristinaChin_rainbow trout_ Fireflies's Light

the rainbow trout

courses through blue skies


Haiga Published in Fireflies’s Light 

November tempest

lotus fades 

into next season


the scent

of daffadowndillies 

winter wind

Haiga Published in The Bamboo Hut


vegan monk

his koi gulps passing


Senryu Published in Failed Haiku

staring intently

windows update

bengal cat

Haiku published in The Haiku Foundation

~ Christina Chin 

MARCH 24, 2017
Hiiiii-ya! Chop! Hiiiii-ya!
Hiiiii-ya! Chop! Hiiiii-ya! Hiiiii-ya!
I’m a kung fu star!
-Neal Zetter


one life burns wildly
in a window its shadow
flickers across town

Paul Brookes for Poetry in Form.

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