Austrian Poetry

The High Window

The Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna


I would like to thank Wolfgang Görtschacher  for the scrupulous care he has taken over the co-ordination of this supplement of contemporary Austrian poetry and for the time he has spent liaising with the publishers concerned for permissions. Thanks are of course due to them for their help and encouragement. I would also like to express my appreciation to Wolfgang and David Malcolm, for their illuminating introduction, and to all the remaining translators for their commitment to this project. 

(The editor)




Previous Translations

THW20: December 18, 2020 THW19: September 19, 2020
THW 18: May 4, 2020 THW 17: March 18, 2020
THW 16: December 9, 2019 THW15: September 20, 2019
THW 14: June 17, 2019 THW 13 March 20, 2019
THW 12 December 10, 2018 THW 11 September 5, 2018
THW 10: May 21, 2018

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