In Collaboration With Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~Artists ~Writers ~ NAPOWRIMO 2021 ~ Day Eight ~


Soft and tender misty starry sky
Envelops my being, as an
Unseen presence stirs memoirs
Of moments in quietude-

Heaviness shrouds me,a
log I feel, as I place
My hand only to find
Ethereal space;

A trace in mind and heart,
A vision in awakened sleep,
constantly condensing peace
In tears of grief,
that slide down the cheek;

The hours spent to seek
solace in the misty starry sky,
that brought inner peace
and relieved the stress,

But does true love ever
fall from grace,
leaving one in a blind
race, life may cease,

But will trust return to
unlace the gasping fog-
And with the tender touch
And misty warmth, embrace…
And with loving sunshine,

the far distance, replace?

In Response to Art Work by John Law

So many cities destroyed
so many new constructed
so many citizens passed
so many new arrived
New York have you lived?


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