Mind Finds Soul Fearlessly Shines – April Ekphrastic Challenge

The world according to RedCat

Kerfe Roig – Cave

In the recesses of my mind
Hidden deep within the folds
So that no monster will it find
Is a cave that hidden dreams hold
Where multicoloured hopes shine
Where the soul spark core personality mould

Hidden deep within my mind
The passions I learned to hide
In a cave that no one can find
The creativity that gives joy and pride
From the soul spark core eternally shine
A girl finding the Goddess sacraments all starry-eyed

The passions ruling my heart and mind
Gives intimate solace as nothing else can
The creativity through which I peace find
The only thing that abuse taught fears ban
A girl seeing the Goddess sacraments in her soul shine
Finds the goldenrod light path that’s been there since life began


Inspired by Kerfe Roig’s rorschach like “Cave” and three words from the Skyloverwordlist, sacrament, intimate and

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