There Once Was A Cat

The world according to RedCat

Geri – Kerfe Roig

There once was a striped cat.
Sleeping peacefully in the sun on a doormat.
When he was awakened by a man in cravat.
Later he told me that,
I should have been suspicious of the top hat.
But frankly I thought he was playing an aristocrat.

They started to chitchat.
About sunspots and why he preferred the taste of mice over rats.
Then the man started to scratch his ears and his head pat.
Before the cat knew what the man was aiming at.
He felt himself squashed flat.
He was trapped within a chapeau claque.

The man was an unskilled magician that,
had promised a rich lady he could make a cat appear from his hat

Imagine the lady’s surprise when he produced her own sweet puss angry as a wildcat.


I took this opportunity to write another story for children in poetry form…

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