In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ Artists ~ Writers ~NAPOWRIMO ~2021~ Day 3…


In Response to Jane Cornwell’s Art Work

“Good Moment Dear Black Hiding Hood
You must have understood, enigmatic warning,
do not be frightened by my shape and shining
eyes,there are other glitters holding lies, ahead,
if heeded not, may leave you dead”.
“O’ One with shining eyes! show not the beguiled
path, stalk not the way for innocent prey,many like
me wander astray,for their care givers are also prey
to other fears”.

“The light in my eyes shines to show the truth,if only
aspects would not kill me, but try to discern reality.Keep
wearing your dark hood, go where Grandma once stood.
She has power and powers now both. You will know good”.

Road clear Black Hiding Hood walked on.As Grandma’s
house came in view,she saw a huge dish antennae and an
internet tower, on the roof,prominently in view”.

In Response to John Law’s Art Work

Spring croissants blooming

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