In Collaboration with Mr Paul Brookes Wombwell Rainbows ~ NAPOWRIMO 2021~ Artists ~ Writers ~ April Day Two~


In Response to Jane Coenwell’s Art Work

O Sea! I play for you,
My song, by your shore,
As waves ripple the rhythm
Against my feet,
I feel thy music too –

O Sea! I play for you,
My tune of joy first,
Then of pain,
As you come again and again,
To comfort me –

O Sea! The birds are with me,
A flying choral, a symphony,
We are one,
In harmony –

O’ Poseidon! See how we grace
thy place, how we project unity,
in space, as sound and waves merge,
In infinity.

In Response to John Law’s Art Work 2~ Boats

World is still, no life,
Boats await new travellers,
human animals

In Response to Kerfe Roig’s ArtWork 2 ~ Alteration

O’Gracious Sovereign Gaia,
O’Most Revered Terra Mater,
Thy beauteous orb,its ring keeps
Thy infinity like form manifests
yet it grieves my soul to perceive

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