The Bittern: Ekphrastic Poetry Challenge, Day 1

Yesterday and today: Merril's historical musings

She used to play with friends,
wander with giggle-shouts through houses and yards,
shared classroom papers, projects, and lunches
together they were

no longer. Her small body—
so heart-heavy, slumped. She had loved her grandmother.

Now, she watched as from marsh to garden, a bittern flew.
stared at her with Grandmom’s eyes, and straight-beaked
pointed. Here is the path—she seemed to say–
remember me, remember this.

Alone once more, the girl stood, a tiny bit lighter.

I am participating in an ekphrastic poetry challenge this month hosted by Paul Brookes of Wombwell Rainbow. There are three artists and several poets. For each day we can choose to respond to one, two, or all three of the works. On Paul’s page you can see all of the artwork, and all of the poetry for that day. My thanks to Paul for the challenge, and to all…

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