Dark Orchid

The world according to RedCat

Fool’s Lune – Kerfe Roig

As a child she wandered the wilderness
Finding no gentleness
Only sticks of insult and stones of abuse
An unwilling jester without any use

Her heart grew cold and petrified
Her cheeks ashen by all the tears she cried
Her eyes saw no love or wonder
Her soul torn asunder

She thought herself an utter fool
So strange others found leave to be cruel
She thought she was born all wrong
Destined to never belong

Then one day she helped an old crone
Who seemed to know her, head to feet and skin to bone
– Girl you need to find your lune
Need to listen to your soul-hearts tune

From that day her life took a turn
In the coven she was never spurned
They taught her all they knew
Until she free and fearless grew

They showed her what it meant to be…

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